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Military Families and Members of AAFMAA Now Have a Trustworthy Source of Home Mortgages and Mortgage Rate Quotes from AAFMAA Mortgage Services


June 26, 2016 – Military families and members of the Armed Forces now have a friend in the mortgage industry. With the introduction of AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC, members and veterans of the military now have a trusted partner that delivers a competitive value proposition. AAFMAA Mortgage Services (AMS) helps military families navigate the many changes that have occurred over the last year. For example, some lenders only offer VA loans, or helocs, or one particular product, and force the veteran to accept it. AMS offers nearly all products. AMS tailors the mortgage solution to the veteran’s needs.

Military families will enjoy speed to closing, excellent mortgage rates, and superlative customer service. AMS’ unique customer service environment features licensed loan officers, underwriting and communication technologies, and an AMS exclusive, the AAFMAA Digital Vault (a secure online data storage facility owned by AAFMAA, where military members may store mortgage, and other, important documents for up to five years or longer). Along with these unique experiences, the military family will continue to experience what they’ve always come to expect, a level of trust and respect that exceeds expectations every time.

AMS has created a proprietary system to streamline purchases and refinances (for military families) of all types (FHA, VA, USDA, Fannie/Freddie, first time home buyers, move up buyers, and others). AMS assigns a processor and a client service rep, along with a state-licensed loan officer, to communicate with, and look out for, the military family. Three people, with a significantly higher set of standards, ensure the mortgage experience exceeds expectations.

With AMS, military members are pre-approved prior to looking for a home, by state-licensed loan officers. This process reduces the likelihood of due diligence or earnest money issues. Military families receive weekly calls and status report emails and usually close within 30 days (in as little as 14 days). AMS state-licensed professionals search mortgage rates on behalf of military families. For example, a military home buyer who has used a VA exemption might experience fees as high as 3.3% for a VA loan (plus closing costs and escrows). AMS runs the numbers for the military family and helps select the optimum product from the marketplace.

When thinking about the mortgage process, choose a professional, licensed, fiduciary. Choose AMS. According to Anthony Powell, Vice President of Operations of AMS, “Military families demand speed to closing. With an all-electronic signature platform AMS has ‘knocked the cover off the ball’ on speed.”

The management at AAFMAA Mortgage Services (AMS) employs a seasoned team of professionals. AMS competes on rate and service and takes pride in continuing the tradition of zero BBB complaints ever to date. Get the most value out of a home sale or purchase by working with state-licensed mortgage professionals that have significant mortgage experience and education.

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