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Announcing the North Carolina launch of AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC for the military community


17 MAY 2016 – With the 6 May 2016 launch of AAFMAA Mortgage Services LLC to servicemembers and Veterans in North Carolina, parent-company AAFMAA continues its 137-year tradition of empowering military members with products and services to achieve financial security. With an affordable range of financial products, the next piece of financial independence was a business that could provide premiere services for securing a home – usually the largest asset that anyone will ever have to their name.

If you live in North Carolina, or will be buying property in North Carolina, please contact us. For members of the military community in other states, please stay tuned because AAFMAA Mortgage Services looks forward to expanding to Virginia, Florida and other states later in 2016.

AAFMAA Mortgage Services offers a full spectrum of mortgage products: conventional, VA, USDA, FHA, ARM and other mortgage products. With a team of State-licensed loan officers, we have no bias toward any type of loan and we operate without any hidden partnerships with Realtors or other companies in this industry. As a result of our objectivity, you will walk away with the best advice and the ideal mortgage for your unique situation.

We are refreshingly different from commercial banks and other mortgage providers. In addition to only employing licensed, experienced professionals, our team also includes people who have been a part of the uniformed services. We understand that you have options and we encourage you to seek the help of people who have an appreciation of and understanding of the American Armed Forces. At AAFMAA Mortgage Services, we always consider the challenges and other dynamics specific to military life, so we are uniquely qualified in identifying the mortgage that will benefit you most.

Purchasing a home, or refinancing one, can be a life-altering decision. With the complex regulatory and legal environment, homebuyers can easily find themselves overwhelmed and, as a result, make costly mistakes. It is common in this industry for homebuyers to pay unnecessary fees thinking that they are unavoidable. That won’t happen with AAFMAA Mortgage Services because we are up front about every cost and transaction from the beginning. You won’t be blindsided with an unexpected fee.

An unyielding goal for us is to ensure that you understand every step of the process. Knowledge is power, so we ensure that you’ll leave every meeting with your AAFMAA Mortgage Services loan officer armed with knowledge.

While AAFMAA Mortgage Services may be new, military members can be confident that it will operate with the same values and superlative customer service that AAFMAA Members have come to expect from our parent organization.

Whether or not you have an immediate need for AAFMAA Mortgage Services, please keep in touch with us through our blog and other website updates. We will regularly post helpful information.

In the home purchase or refinance process, you should not compromise with the people with whom you do business. With a member-owned organization like AAFMAA, you will find everything you need in a mortgage provider: competitive pricing, accuracy, honesty and transparency.