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Testimonials & Member Stories

At AAFMAA, we believe we are the best choice for your insurance and financial planning needs, bar none, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to what our members have to say. Here you will find the stories of our members and their families, in their own words.

Active Duty

When I discovered that my company term policy was unaffordable beyond age 55, I had to find other Life Insurance. As an airline pilot in the Reserve, I have at least two coverage problems- aviation and war. I needed one policy that would cover me in any eventuality. Several companies gave me favorable quotes. They consumed months of my time, but when their policies were finally issued, they’d switched carriers to spun-off subsidiaries and the premiums were sixty percent higher than quoted! I wasn’t impressed. Insurance is about more than just peace of mind; it’s about a reliable partnership to assure the welfare of your family in the event that you no longer can.

I saw AAFMAA’s ad in Air Force Times. There it was- “No war, No aviation, and No terrorist clauses”. I was able to get an instant quote at their website. In fact, they came in under that quote when my wife and I were given a better rating. I took out three policies with AAFMAA; they delivered precisely as advertised. Thanks AAFMAA!


Member since 2007

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am deployed to Southern Afghanistan currently, and know it was difficult to get the information your company needed. Thank you for working with my wife in my absence. I want to assure you I am healthy as a horse, but the insurance policy gives me a tremendous sense of peace of mind. This is a dangerous place, and I am concentrating on my mission, but for me to know my family will be OK financially allows me to focus on my job because everything will be OK if something happens to me. Thanks, and God Bless. Hooah!

Raleigh Jones

Member since 2006

Thank you so much, Sarah. Both you and Sherry have been such a tremendous source of information for me so far, that I understand now why my dad raves about AAFMAA. I spoke with him tonight to update him on the calls and told him I would see what other information I can get from a call with the VA using the guidance you provided today. My siblings and I have been a bit overwhelmed with everything and I must admit that after having spoken with both you and Sherry, I allowed myself to take a breath and shed a few tears of relief. It was so comforting to know there is someone on the other end of the phone to help guide us and make sure my dad's and mom's best interests are looked after. My deepest appreciation to you both. I am very, very impressed with the assistance you provide.


I've always meant to say this and I never have and for that I am sorry. Thank you so much for the time and energy you have spent throughout the years to teach me about life insurance, take care of the myriad of issues I've had, and always responding to my calls and emails. Because of what you have taught me I have been able to help hundreds of soldiers over the years. I am impressed by your professionalism and dedication. Thank you for all of your help and insight over these many years, because of you AAFMAA has my lifelong business.

Matt Hip

Member since November 2005

Since becoming members of AAFMAA and switching our whole life and adding term policies, we have realized increased savings and value. This has come at a most critical time, as I have recently retired from the Military (Army), and every dollar saved is a plus. Although our previous insurance provider was good, it could not compete with the great savings and exceptional service provided by all of the associates of AAFMAA. The associates took a personal interest in my needs and advised me with a quality product. You were able to provide a whole life policy that was cheaper than the similar policy I obtained from my previous insurance carrier seven years ago. That is truly amazing! Thanks again for the great service!.

James D., SFC U.S. Army

Member since 2007

Military Spouses

My husband Scott flew AH64 Apache for the 8/229th. He was stationed out of Ft. Knox. He loved flying more than anything! He was just like a child when telling someone exactly what that machine could actually do!

Terrible events in our lives such as sickness and death are things that happen to other people...not our family. But it did! I do not remember much about that time, just that some officials, all friends, came to our home and my Scott was gone! Thank God that Scott was always aware, especially since being called back to active duty to deploy to Iraq, of the importance of having life insurance.

Our future, especially that of our children, was always a concern for us. AAFMAA was very helpful and quickly provided us with what we needed. If I remember correctly my brother handled most of the work for me, but there really wasn't that much. It was such a relief to not have to worry about finances during such a terrible and heartbreaking time in our lives. I am not sure what my children and I would have done without it. No one ever wants to plan for tragedy, but my family learned first-hand that it is so worth it to plan and prepare to take care of your family and loved ones just in case!

Tracy L., Widow of Scott L.

U.S. Army, Member since 2004

Dear Lyne,

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you personally, and to AAFMAA in general, for the incredibly efficient and kind support you have given me at this terribly sad time. Everyone has been so helpful and patient with me; Paula, Sarah as well as Sherry and Melaney.

Each person helped me so very much, at a time in my life where I was incapable of handling my own affairs and needed help, which was given generously and pleasantly. It is wonderful to find that there are people in this world that are so nice to others in need. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Maria F.


Retirees & Veterans

I have been a member of AAFMAA since 1983 and had always looked to the organization as one that my father had always belonged to and that was supposed to provide a series of services that I seldom if ever used, or considered using, beyond the basic insurance coverage. My father on the other hand had properly filled out the forms and kept his records and information up to date with AAFMAA. When my father passed away, I found myself charged with the task of first finding and then processing the myriad of insurance claims, financial instruments, and Veterans Affairs benefits to which he and my mother were eligible.

It was in this moment of need that the professionals of AAFMAA stepped in to help. The organization provided my mother and I with immediate advice and assistance. Your help went a long way in allowing me to quickly and efficiently deal with my father's estate and thereby alleviate some of the stress and anguish associated with my father's death. More than anything else I remember how easy it was to deal with you all and the great assistance that you all provided to my mother and me. Thank you.

LTC. H. Dreher Kinney, U.S. Army (Retired)

Member since 1983

I have been an AAFMAA member for many years and want you to know how much my family and I appreciate the outstanding service we have received over the years from your superb staff. Their patience with my efforts to understand some of the complex transactions I was undertaking was remarkable. I, over time, must have been helped by every member of your staff at least twice and all deserve the highest praise for their efforts. Particularly appreciated were the efforts of Kathie Ballard who didn’t make mistakes as I just did in providing accurate, very responsive and patient help. In today’s very impersonal world where you are often put on “endless” telephone “holds” until you hear a recording or an unfamiliar foreign voice, talking to AAFMAA is one of life’s remaining little joys. Again, sir, many thanks for the fine organization you have created and for the wonderful people in it.

LTC. Alvaro Gonzalez, U.S. Army (Retired)

Member since 1965

Ann and I had the opportunity to visit Mr. Jim Malley, Executive VP and COO yesterday at AAFMAA’s Reston, VA Office. What a great visit it was. You have a devoted team of outstanding professionals. The meeting was especially productive for us. Both Ann and I were impressed by the office layout, the knowledge and responses by each of the Staff and the overall efficient way that the visit was conducted. We would like to thank each of the individuals who helped us so well yesterday: Mr. Jim Malley (Executive VP & COO), Ms. A.E. Lyne Babin (Manager, Member Benefits), Ms. Sarah Bumgardner (VA Coordinator, Member Benefits), and Ms. Melina Selimbegovic (Manager). They were indeed an impressive team. We thank you and them for all that they did for us.

LTG John D. Bruen, US Army (Retired)

Member since 1961

Sir, I am an 82 year old retired Army 06 who has been a member of your organization for some number of years. Over the time of your stewardship, I have taken advantage of quite a number of the organization’s offerings; all with my much appreciation of your personal commitment. Before we both “move on”, I want to thank you for your dedication to the mission of AAFMAA and your superb efficiency and leadership over the years. Quite frankly, no one in similar organizations such as TRO/MOAA, USAA, the three services Federal Credit Unions, and so forth, can come even close to your contributions over the years. I know the constant strain and stresses placed on you by the membership and the boards you have so ably served has taken a toll on your everyday life. Regardless, you have always managed to stay one step ahead for the benefit of all of us “in the field

COL. Richard E. Evers, U.S. Army (Retired)

Member since 1960

Read what Members are saying about us:

I’m here to say that not all mortgage brokers are created equal. The process with AMS puts them in a class by themselves. These are people who genuinely care about you.

Rudolph C.


This was one of our very best experiences by far, everyone was very professional and easy to work with… This company truly cares about helping Veterans.

Mary J.


I just want to say to anyone out there who’s thinking about buying a home, whether you have everything together or you don’t, reach out to AAFMAA Mortgage Services. They’ll stick with you in the trenches until you’ve got those keys in your hand.

Jackie I.


It’s great when a company goes above and beyond to serve members of our military and help them utilize their VA Loan entitlement.

Jeremy P.


My Military Mortgage Advisor, Processor and Customer Relations personnel were all very professional and highly competent. It was a pleasure working with them.

Kevin P.


Our experience was outstanding. From the initial call to loan closure, the process was simple and quick. I highly recommend AAFMAA to anyone who would like to finance or refinance their homes.

James V.


My experience was great. Mr. Flota did an excellent job and kept me well informed. The loan was straightforward without hidden fees and extra charges, I got an excellent rate as well.

Rickey H.


Superb work by each person working my refinance. Fast and efficient. A job very well done in a short time. Exceptional service. Thank you.

Robert F.


As with all my dealings with AAFMAA over the years, their mortgage program is also first rate. Outstanding staff and service.