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Military Women's Memorial: Tribute to America's Servicewomen


The Military Women’s Memorial serves as a tangible testament to the valor of the women who have served in the United States military, and preserves their stories for generations to come.

To mark Women’s History Month, Sarah Bumgardner, Director of Partnerships and Member Engagement at AAFMAA spoke with Phyllis Wilson, President of the Military Women’s Memorial, to discuss how the Military Women’s Memorial honors and tells the stories of female servicemembers, past and present. Wilson served for 37 years in the Army as a military intelligence voice intercept operator.

The Military Women’s Memorial hosted a historic event on March 6, 2023, in which all four of the US Military's Four Star female officers joined a panel to openly discuss topics affecting women. Currently, women make up nearly 20% of active-duty military and the Military Women’s Memorial is committed to providing support to them and to all female Veterans. To learn more on the Military Women’s Memorial and how it helps current and former female servicemembers, watch their discussion.