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Financial Planning for Military Retirement


How Young Servicemembers Can Plan Ahead for Success

Continuing our financial readiness series with Justin Hall of the Office of Financial Readiness (FINRED) and AAFMAA’s Chief Operating Officer & Secretary, Jerry Quinn, you’ll discover how it’s never too soon to start planning for a successful military retirement. Learn how the power of compounding interest can have a big financial impact no matter how near (or far) retirement is for you. See what steps you can take today to set financial goals and plan for your future:

To start you on your financial readiness journey, we invite you to watch the third video in the series below and follow the rest of the series on LinkedIn and YouTube using hashtag #MilitaryMoneyTips.


Tips to get your finances prepared for the future:

  • Plan for retirement at an early age when you have time and the power of compound interest.
  • Take advantage of the plan’s total match up to 5%.
  • Choose funds that make sense for your personal goals.
  • Reach out to an on-base counselor for assistance.

Watch the full financial readiness series here.

If you’d like more information about FINRED or to start getting the tips described in the video, go to: https://finred.usalearning.gov. Or, if you’d like to talk with an AAFMAA Membership Coordinator about how we can help you improve your financial outlook, please call 1-866-845-2205.