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As a Team Red, White and Blue Member, you know that achieving your physical fitness goals requires making small investments in yourself consistently over time. You’re not born with it. It doesn’t come from a single run, a single WOD, a single climb or a single ride. It takes time, training, and usually some outside help. But every time you reach a goal, a new PR, a new milestone — you build confidence in your ability to advance your wellness.

The same is true for your financial health. You have to put in the work and dedicate time to planning, saving, and protecting what’s important. The good news is you are not alone. The military community has trusted AAFMAA for 143 years to help support their financial security and independence. And we’re here for you now. AAFMAA is the longest-standing, not-for-profit financial solutions provider exclusively serving military families like yours through every stage of your military life and beyond. We are here to coach you from your first steps toward financial health, to celebrating your financial goal achievement, to standing side-by-side with your survivors after you’re gone.

Don’t underestimate the power of financial health in your overall wellness. Reach out to an AAFMAA coach today to get started on your journey toward greater financial fitness.

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Life Insurance

Build Your Confidence. Protect Your Future.

Exercise builds confidence. Every time you achieve something new, something you thought you couldn’t do, you’re reinforcing your ability to go further. That’s because you’re eliminating the unknown. The fear of not knowing what will happen can cause you to hold back. To never push forward or try something you’ve never done. Life insurance is that confidence builder for your financial life. Knowing that you’ve financially protected your future — that the plans you’ve envisioned for your loved ones are safe no matter what life brings you — helps you breathe easier and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Premier Services

Training and Tools Focused on Your Money and Benefits

On your journey to fitness, you need the best tools, information and support to make the most of what you have, progress and avoid setbacks. AAFMAA Member Benefits can provide you with the expertise in military benefits, VA claims coordination, and financial education that you need to succeed. You can also get personal one-on-one counseling from one of our expert coaches.

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Financial Planning

Get a Personal Trainer for your Finances

Just like your physical health, your financial wellness depends on individual goals. Whether it’s a comfortable retirement, building wealth, college savings or protecting your legacy, the team at AWM&T is here to help you create a roadmap to success. Get started today with a free portfolio review consultation from a Relationship Manager dedicated to your best interests — always.

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