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With the OCS Alumni Introductory Membership, you gain access to educational resources about financial topics that will prove to be valuable in the next stages of your career. This AAFMAA Membership includes a complimentary $5,000 life insurance policy, financial literacy and solutions, transition readiness resources, and VA claims consultation.

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I understand that the membership and insurance I am signing up for is PAID FOR BY AAFMAA, will become effective on the date this application is approved by AAFMAA, will remain in force for 2 years and will cease if my status as a candidate is terminated prior to commissioning.

I understand that the insurance coverage applied for will be effective from the date AAFMAA receives my application, personal information and has verified my identification to AAFMAA’s sole satisfaction.

I am not presently in a hospital, nursing home or treatment facility. I am not confined to a bed and I have not been diagnosed with a terminal illness expected to result in death within two years.

I authorize any health care providers, pharmacy benefit manager or other pharmaceutical firm, insurance companies, consumer reporting agency, financial institution, or employer having information about my physical or mental condition, prescription drug records, financial status, employment status or other relevant information about me, to give all information to AAFMAA to determine eligibility for insurance or benefits.

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