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Serving in the military is not for the faint of heart, whether you have signed the oath to serve and protect or you are a spouse, child or family member. Military life affects all those touched by it, which is why Monica Fullerton — an Air Force spouse for the last 20 years — created Spouse-ly, an online direct-to-consumer marketplace for entrepreneurial military spouses and Veterans. AAFMAA is proud to share the same commitment to nurturing the skills and aspirations of entrepreneurs within the military through a variety of support services and resources.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

AAFMAA life insurance solutions are here for you, made to deliver the financial protection military families have depended on for 143 years. We understand your family’s needs because many of us have served in the military just like you, and we’ve been through it all before, too. Whether you need initial or additional coverage which will cover expenses, replace lost income, pay off debts, or pay future education expenses, AAFMAA's life insurance solutions will give you the affordable coverage you deserve for the sacrifices you've made. Contact us today to discover what it really means to be taken care of through our superlative personal service.

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$5,000 Loan at 1.5% Interest

AAFMAA was founded on the spirit of taking care of military families and we offer financial solutions designed with you in mind to fit every stage of your military life and beyond. Our CAP Loan has been trusted by over 45,000 AAFMAA Members. This opportunity is specifically for Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve in ranks E-5 to O-4, including all Warrant Officers. Apply for your CAP Loan today — available to AAFMAA Members’ with $250,000 of Term or $50,000 of Value-Added Whole Life Insurance coverage.

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Premier Services

Financial Education for Military and Veterans

AAFMAA knows the military. Our Members, and members of the military and Veteran community, benefit from our expertise through tailored resources related to military life insurance, personal finance, financial planning, government benefits and beneficiary information. From TSPs to SGLI, you can turn to us for the specific information you need as an active duty servicemember or Veteran. Don’t underestimate the power of financial health in your overall wellness. Visit AAFMAA’s Learning Hub for educational resources to get you started on your journey toward greater financial wellness.

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Life Insurance

SpouseLink Is All About You

Launched in 2012 as a resource and network for military spouses, AAFMAA created SpouseLink to share tips, insights and educational resources, as well as personal stories and much more with others who are also living the military lifestyle. We continue to support military spouses through social media, live streams, in-person events, and connections with the SpouseLink Ambassadors who provide a personal touch within their local communities, and beyond. We’re here to inform, support, and inspire you. Visit today to become part of our community that truly understands you.

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