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René Ramos

René Ramos

Creative Designer

René Ramos is the Creative Designer for AAFMAA and SpouseLink. Since March 2022, he has focused on further developing visual brand for online marketing and related printed materials. René brings award-winning creative world experience in illustration, animation, photography/photo correction, videography, and more to the team.

René earned his degree in drafting and design technology, while always having natural artistic ability. His talents and skills helped streamline his transition into the graphic design community that became his passion.

Graphic design, photography, animation, music, cycling, coaching and playing soccer with his family are among René’s favorite pastimes and activities. He also provides support to a homeless tent community by preparing regular bin drops of food, water, camping gear, and clothing.

René’s father-in-law was career military, and served as Command Sergeant Major in the Army. He was on the front line during the Korean War, and in charge of peace talk communications. He was integral in setting up microwave communication towers considered groundbreaking technology at the time. Prior to joining AAFMAA, René held roles such as Art Director and Creative Director where he earned many national creative industry awards.


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