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Katie Gushen

Katie Gushen

Relationship Manager

Katie Gushen is a Relationship Manager at AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust in Clarkston, Michigan. As a Relationship Manager, Katie develops and nurtures client relationships, delivering wealth management solutions that help her clients realize their personal goals and aspirations.  Prior to joining AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust, Katie served AAFMAA’s Life Insurance company as a Policy Service Representative, and received her level-one LOMA certification. Katie helped launch AAFMAA’s SpouseLink Ambassador Program, and served as the first Spouselink Ambassador for the Fort Bragg/Fayetteville, NC community.

Katie is the mother of 3 children, a daughter and two sons. During Michigan’s summer months they enjoy camping, walking the shores of Lake Michigan, attending concerts and sporting events. In the winter months, they take full advantage of the ample snow and nearby ski hill.

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