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Kathleen Lovito

Kathleen Lovito

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Kathleen Lovito has served as a Marketing Coordinator with AAFMAA since 2018. As Senior Marketing Coordinator, Kathleen manages logistics for AAFMAA's major marketing campaigns and sponsor relations. She also serves as team lead for AAFMAA's SpouseLink Ambassadors.

Kathleen has a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion from American University and will complete a Master's in Organizational Leadership and Learning from George Washington University by 2022.

Kathleen lives in Washington, D.C. She enjoys lazy weekend afternoons spent wandering through Georgetown and taste testing Insomnia Cookies' seasonal flavors. Kathleen also dabbles in the creative outlets of embroidery, fashion, and poetry.

Prior to joining AAFMAA, Kathleen worked in marketing roles within the health and wellness and luxury automotive industries. Additionally, Kathleen spent six years as a freelance copywriter, covering wellness topics with a special interest in mental health and chronic illness.


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