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Jaye Anne Beringer

Team Leader, Applications Processing

Jaye Anne has served as Team Lead for Applications Processing of Life Insurance at AAFMAA since January 2019. In her role, Jaye Anne oversees the Applications Processing department, helps Members understand their premiums, and works toward the daily improvement of system processes.

Jaye Anne holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Virginia and has completed coursework in systems engineering. She also holds insurance licenses in Life, Health and Annuities, Property & Casualty, and the ACS and ALMI designations from LOMA. Prior to joining AAFMAA, Jaye Anne worked in the insurance field for companies such as Allstate and Liberty Mutual.

Jaye Anne and her husband, Ryan, live in Western Northern Virginia with their four children as a blended family. They share several hobbies including trucks, flipping furniture, video games, and gardening.

Jay Anne’s grandfather served in the Air Force for 20 years and each of his 6 children were born at a different duty station. Growing up, Jaye Anne loved hearing the stories from her grandparent’s travels, such as living in a Scottish castle and having a part-time nanny in England. Those stories inspire Jaye Anne’s passion for helping AAFMAA Members achieve their financial goals while growing her own family.

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