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Garrett Sorenson

Garrett N. Sorensen

Relationship Manager

Garrett Sorensen is a Relationship Manager at AAFMAA Wealth Management & Trust in Nashville, TN. He served in the active duty Army for almost 10 years as an Airborne Artilleryman and has deployed to the Paktika and Ghazni provinces of Afghanistan. He also continues to serve in the Tennessee National Guard. He graduated from Post University in Waterbury, CT with a Bachelors in Business Administration and is currently going to Belmont University for an MBA in Finance. In his free time, Garrett enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson, Jiu-Jitsu training, reading, and teaches a financial literacy class in the Davidson County prison. As a Relationship Manager, Garrett develops client relationships and manages delivery of wealth management solutions that help our clients achieve their personal goals.

Desk: 910-307-3513
Cell: (615) 578-5574

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